Gender Equality and Female Undergraduates’ Participation in Sciences in University of Calabar

Inyang M. Asuquo; Emmanuel A. Edoho, Ph.D; Uduak Nkpubre


This study focused on issues in promoting gender equality in order to enhance female undergraduates’ participation in Science education in University of Calabar, Nigeria. The disparity in the science education of male and female youths is a national issue, particularly in developing countries like Nigeria. This study utilizes primary and secondary sources of data to highlight the participation of female gender in acquisition of knowledge and skills in science education. It also reviewed issues of females’ limited participation in science in Nigeria and factors that affect girls’ attainments and low enrolment in the sciences. Among the key factors identified as being responsible for the science gender gap are socio-cultural biases that manifested in science curricula, instruction and assessment. In promoting gender equality in science, gender equity training in teacher education, enhancing partnership with engaging girls early in science thus promoting female participation in science education were recommended.

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