Family System Approach in Promoting Family Security: Perspectives on Family’s Emotional Relationship and Family Therapy

Beatrice O. Ajidahun, PhD


The study was based on the theoretical aspect of a family as a system otherwise known as family system theory. The family system reflects a component part of the larger social system. The theoretical and psychological aspects of the family, which are based on the emotional, psychopathology, communication and interaction of members, were discussed. The study considered Bowenian’s approach of the family system focusing on four interlocking concepts propounded by Bowen. The theory reveals that families are experiencing security problems because of inadequate and ineffective communication system. The inability of members to differentiate themselves from their families of origin may result, most of the time, to emotional illness and pathological problems. This made some family members to use an emotional cut-off to cope with their unresolved attachments to their families of origin so as to feel secure in life. Effective family therapy which reveals how emotional problems in families could be resolved was also discussed.

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