Causes and Effects of Examination Malpractice on Nigerian Education: Implications for Counselling

Usman Maddibo Hanafi & Mohammed Musa Girei


Teaching and learning become more effective when the students are subjected to an examination process to determine the extent to which the students have assimilated the content of the instruction given and the teacher can also access himself from the performance of the students. However, cheating has become a national phenomenon to the extent that forging certificates to gain admission or employment is a usual habit among desperate Nigerians even among the political class. Thus, this paper examined the concepts of examination malpractice, dimensions of examination malpractice, causes, and effects of examination malpractice on national development. The counselling implication is the societal re-engineering and re-orientation to revamp moral values: Good moral values should be properly inculcated into our youths and parents by counsellors to stop aiding their children to cheat in examinations. In conclusion, examination malpractice has become a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabrics of Nigerian educational system. Apart from counselling students to shun all manners of malpractices, teachers have a major role to play. If the teachers are determined to stamp out examination malpractices, there will be no trace of malpractices in all Nigerian schools.

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