Demographic Variables as Correlates of Job Satisfaction of Lecturers in Tertiary Institutions in Bayelsa State

Esther Tamunoiyowuna Bruce-Agbogidi & Dr Binebai Stella Asangolo


The study investigated age, gender and educational qualification as factors associated with lecturers’ job satisfaction in Bayelsa State. Descriptive survey was applied. The sample was 352 lecturers from three tertiary institutions in Bayelsa state. Three research questions and three corresponding hypotheses guided the study. Questionnaire titled “Lecturers Job Satisfaction Questionnaire (LJSQ)” was used to gather data. Mean was used to answer the questions. One hypothesis was tested with independent sample t-test at 0.05 alpha level, while the remaining two were tested using ANOVA at 0.05 alpha level. Results reveal that younger lecturers were slightly more satisfied than older lecturers; however, age does not significantly influence job satisfaction. Males show more satisfaction than females, however, statistically, gender does not significantly influence job satisfaction. Lecturers with bachelor’s degree show more satisfaction than their counterparts with master’s and doctorate degrees. Educational qualification has significant influence on job satisfaction. Lecturers in Bayelsa State are moderately satisfied with their jobs. Based on the findings, recommendations and suggestions were made that more attention should be given to lecturers’ welfare; offices, conveniences, lecture rooms etc should be provided, and lecturers should be sponsored to go for conferences, seminars and workshops.

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