Empowering the Nigerian Women through Open Distance Learning – Women Beyond the Kitchen: Implications for Counselling

Dr Janet Sunday Petters & Dr Eme Imah


This paper focused on empowering Nigerian women through Open Distance Learning. Education is a potent tool for developing the innate potentials and capabilities of individuals. It is a veritable instrument for emancipating individuals including women from all forms of oppression, discrimination, injustice and penury. It is a tool for individual and national developments. Despite the laudable objectives of education, women have suffered from exclusion especially in the area of access to quality education. A cursory look at the involvement of women in education is not very encouraging. This paper proceeds to take a look at Open Distance Learning and the importance of empowering women through this means of education. The paper also examines the concept of a woman and the need for a woman to be empowered; the implication for counselling was also discussed. It was concluded that encouragement of women to partake in Open Distance Learning will not keep them solely in the kitchen but will bring them to limelight to participate more in national building and development. It recommended that enabling environment should be created to encourage the participation of more women in Open Distance Education.

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