Personality Trait as Predictor of Marital Adjustment among Practicing Professional Counsellors in Gombe State of Nigeria

Chinyere Catherine Ngwakwe & Dr T. A. Adaka


This study examined the extent to which personality trait predicts marital adjustment among practicing professional counsellors in Gombe State. Two research questions were raised and two hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. 256 married practicing professional counsellors were selected through the use of purposive sampling technique to participate in the study. Data were gathered using “Personality Trait Assessment Questionnaire” (PTAQ) and Marital Adjustment Scale Questionnaire (MASQ). They had a reliability of 0 .92. The analysis of the data generated from the respondents revealed that practicing professional counsellors with extraversion and openness personality traits are well adjusted in their marriages. Consequently, it was recommended that counselling services should encourage couples to practice effective communication techniques by discussing marital issues freely and share the understanding of the matters as it arises from their relationship.

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