Problems of Learners in Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Camps Schools in Borno State, Nigeria

Ibrahim T. Bokko


The paper investigated problems of learners in IDP Camps Schools as expressed by Teachers teaching in IDP Schools in Borno State, Nigeria. The study was a qualitative research that used focus group discussion. 27 Head Teachers and Teachers participated in the discussion and responded to Unstructured Interview for the research. Proforma was also used to collect information on learners’ problems that were recorded in schools. The study identified Education, Health, Personal and Social problems hindering learners to attend, stay and complete school in IDP Camps Schools in Borno State. It was concluded that if these problems are not mitigated, learners cannot benefit from the school they are attending and the aim of providing education to the displaced children will not be achieved. It was recommended that Head Teachers of IDP Camps Schools should establish Parents’ Teachers’ Association (PTA) and School Based Management Committees (SBMCs) to assist in intervention towards reducing the learners’ problems in schools.

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