Youths in Political Leadership in Nigeria: The Trend, Challenges and Prospects

Dr Fidelis Abunimye Unimna & Ruth C. Wali


This work offers a glimpse into the world of youths in political leadership in Nigeria. Political leadership around the world, at present, is almost returning to what it used to be in the past. Youths, the world over, are gradually working their ways up towards taking the leadership mantle. This is very visible in the western world at present with Africa also trying to take a prompt from them. The work similarly gives a shortlist of some of such young world leaders who, regardless of all the ordeals and inflexibilities attached to attaining such heights in the world of politics, still maintain their stance. The Nigerian government and its initiatives to promote youths’ involvement in governance and developmental structures, the challenges and prospects of youths’ involvement in political leadership in Nigeria are equally captured in this study.

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