Assessment of Retirement Anxiety and Preparation among Local Government Staff of Cross River State, Nigeria: Counselling Implications

Dr Maria Ngwu & Dr Rachel Uche


The study was carried out to determine retirement anxiety, preparations and counselling intervention among local government staff of Cross River State. The study adopted the survey design and the population of the study was all Local Government staff in Cross River State that were near retirement. Literature was reviewed based on the variables of the study. The sample size was 809 local government staff that were near retirement, drawn through purposive sampling technique. The instrument used for data collection was a questionnaire titled “Retirement Anxiety, Preparations and Counselling Questionnaire” (RAPCIQ). The questionnaire was administered in all the 18 Local Government Areas with the assistance of a research assistant. The data collected was scored on 4-point Likert scale and result analyzed using one sample t-test. The finding of the study revealed that local government staff who did not make adequate preparations for retirement were anxious, which affected their life after retirement. Based on the finding, it was recommended, among others, that workers should be sufficiently prepared for retirement through workshops, seminars, entrepreneurial training programmes, to help workers to be less anxious about retirement.

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