Factors militating against effective Counselling of Students with Hearing Impairment in Special Education Schools in Kano State

Hassan Garba Wangara


This paper discusses the concept of students with hearing impairment and the effect of counselling as well as the importance of counselling for students with hearing impairment. The paper describes the challenges of learning faced by students with hearing impairment as the basis for effective counselling and it also examines some of the factors militating against effective counselling of students with hearing impairment in Kano State. Some of the identified challenges include lack of establishment of counselling centers in various special schools, lack of proper and adequate awareness of parents of students with hearing impairment about the counselling services, lack of specialist counsellors in most of the special education schools, lack of using adequate media resources for effective counselling, amongst others. Many students with hearing impairment are endowed with potentialities in one form or the other, but they find it difficult to develop and utilize their God given potentials. It is due to this reason that counselling intervention for social, academic, physical, and spiritual adjustment is needed for students with hearing impairment in special education schools in Kano State.

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