Job Satisfaction among Lecturers in Tertiary Institutions in Bayelsa State

Esther Tamunoiyowuna Bruce-Agbogidi & Dr Stella Binebai Asangol


The study investigated level of job satisfaction of lecturers in tertiary institutions in Bayelsa State. Descriptive survey design was adopted. The population consisted of lecturers in tertiary institutions in Bayelsa State. Two research questions guided the study. A questionnaire titled“ Lecturers’ Job Satisfaction Questionnaire” (LJSQ) was developed and used. Mean was used to answer the questions. Criterion mean was 2.5, hence the decision was reached thus: 0-1.4-extremely dissatisfied, 1.5-2.4- dissatisfied, 2.5-3.4-satisfied and 3.5-4- extremely satisfied. Results reveal that lecturers are generally not satisfied with their job. Facets of the job where dissatisfaction is recorded include welfare, work environment and personnel development. Despite the fact that they are generally dissatisfied with the job, it is worthy of note that lecturers are satisfied with salary structure and promotion. Based on the findings, the researchers recommended, among others, that welfare issues should be reviewed and made more rewarding, and the management should as a matter of importance ensure that all lecturers are provided with good offices with furniture befitting such caliber of workers, in order to enhance job satisfaction.

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