Psychological Indices and Cheating Tendencies among Undergraduates in Universities in Cross River State

Caroline I. Ita & Dr Julius M. Egbai


This study sought to examine psychological indices and cheating tendencies among undergraduates in Universities in Cross River State. Two hypotheses guided the study, which adopted Ex post facto research design. Stratified and purposive sampling techniques were used to choose 1000 students from the two universities that were selected for the study. A questionnaire titled ‘Psychological Variables and Cheating Tendencies Scale (PVCTS)’ was used for data collection. The instrument was validated by three Measurement and Evaluation experts in the Faculty of Education, University of Calabar. Cronbach alpha reliability technique was used for estimating the reliability of the sub scales and coefficient range of 0.74 to 0.89 was obtained and the instrument was adjudged as reliable. Data were collected by the researchers and analysed using independent t-test and one way analysis of Variance (ANOVA) statistics, and the result showed a significant influence of self-concept and attitude on cheating tendencies among students. It was recommended that students should develop a positive attitude to examination and high self-image in order to forestall issues of malpractices that have beclouded assessment practices.

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