Restructuring Education for Sustainable Development and Global Relevance

Prof Usang Usang Bassey


Over the years, various governments in Nigeria at one time or the other have made considerable effort to restructure the education sector with a view to attaining sustainable development. However, the subject of restructuring has been a contentious issue all over the world, particularly in Nigeria. The goal of restructuring should be to preserve and build upon what has been successful in educating our children and to rethink and redesign those aspects of the enterprise that have failed (mission and goals; organization; management; instruction; roles, responsibilities and regulations; external involvement; and finances). The paper discussed the concept of restructuring and sustainable development. It also established a link between education and sustainable national development. Restructuring education for sustainable development and global relevance was extensively discussed. The paper recommended that the government should professionalize education quality assurance practice by training, accrediting and certifying practitioners. They should undertake full general inspection of all basic and post basic schools once in every 3 to 5 years for school status evaluation and ranking. They should strengthen linkages with experts and academics in the Diaspora.

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