Sexual Satisfaction and Marital Adjustment of Married Persons in Delta and Edo States

Dr Stephen Omoko Uloho & Prof Okorodudu Richard Irikefe


This study adopted correlational design to examine sexual satisfaction and marital adjustment of married persons in Delta and Edo states, Nigeria. A total of 1,200 married persons living in Delta and Edo states were involved in the study. Respondents were sampled through multi-stage clustered sampling technique. Sexual Satisfaction Questionnaire and Marital Adjustment Questionnaire were administered to the respondents and data collected was analyzed. Two research questions and two null hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. Regression analysis was used for testing the null hypotheses at 0.5 level of significance. The results showed that there is a significant correlation between sexual satisfaction and marital adjustment. On the basis of the findings of this research, the conclusion was reached that sexual satisfaction comes from a happy, excited, peaceful and emotionally balanced individual, and these are some of the ingredients of marital adjustment. It was then recommended among others that married or intending couples should be given sex education by various local government Council Areas in both states, and in different churches in order to correct all negative beliefs about sex.

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