The Role of Social Studies Education in Reversing the Falling Value System in Nigeria

Dr F. A. Unimna, Ete-Ubi Ibiang Osim & Abigail Ojong Ejoh


The cherished value system of Nigeria is being diminished and destroyed on a daily basis. This has brought a lot of maladjusted character and conduct of indiscipline, dishonesty, kidnapping, terrorism, bad leadership and disobedience that affect the image of the country negatively. This article holds the view that elements of positive Nigerian value system of faithfulness, love/patriotic zeal, loyalty, honesty and obedience that are found in the Nigerian anthem and pledge should be effectively inculcated in students at all levels of education. It also posits that for Social Studies education to remedy the falling value system, there should be reintroduction of values into Social Studies curriculum, periodic evaluation and review of Social Studies curriculum, competent teachers to deliver on the contents, establishment of Social Studies laboratories in schools and integration of elements of Social Studies education in leadership recruitment channel.

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