Factors Predisposing Secondary School Teachers to Occupational Health Hazards in Yenagoa Local Government Area

Esther Tamunoiyowuna Bruce-Agbogidi, Gienah T. Bruce-Agbogidi & Diepreye Rhoda Bruce-Agbogidi


The study investigated factors predisposing secondary school teachers to occupational health hazards in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. Descriptive survey was adopted. 258 secondary school teachers were used. A questionnaire titled “Questionnaire on Occupational Health Problems Prevalent among Teachers” (QOHPPT) was used to gather data. Four research questions and four hypotheses guided the study. Frequencies and mean were used to answer the questions, while the hypotheses were tested at 0.05 alpha level using independent t-test and ANOVA. Results reveal that voice and chest pain were higher among married teachers; however marital status does not significantly influence its prevalence. Teachers with 16-20years’ experience suffer a higher prevalence of voice and chest pain, while teachers with over 20years of experience suffer the least. Married teachers recorded higher prevalence of musculoskeletal pains, even though marital status does not significantly influence its prevalence. Musculoskeletal pain is higher among teachers with 11-15years of experience and least among teachers with over 20years’experience; however years of experience do not significantly influence its prevalence. Based on the findings, recommendations were made including that the Ministry of Education should introduce the use of public address systems, build more classrooms, provide comfortable furniture, and employ more teachers.

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