Effects of Guidance and Counselling on Internally Displaced Students’ Learning Resilience in Umar Ibn Ibrahim El-Kanemi College of Education, Science and Technology (UIIECEST), Bama

Dr Comfort Kwatamdia Olamide, Pogu Mbitahson Yaga & Dahiru Musa Minta


This paper investigates the effects of Guidance and Counselling on Internally displaced  students’ learning resilience in Umar Ibn Ibrahim El-Kanemi College of Education,  Science and Technology (UIICEST), Bama and its implications for Higher Education.  The study focused on the effects of Guidance and Counselling on the social and  emotional learning resilience of internally displaced students and was also aimed at  capturing the implications of internal displacement for higher education. Asample of 50  students and 10 teachers was used in the study. Three research questions and two  hypotheses were formulated to facilitate the findings of the study. The study adopted  Quasi-experimental research; Socio-emotional Learning Resilience Scale was the  instrument used for data collection. The validity of the instrument was determined  through experts’ judgement while the reliability was computed using Cronbach Alpha  and the computed reliability was 0.83. The data collected for the study was analysed  using mean score and t-test statistics. Based on the findings of the study, it was  recommended among others, that students, especially the internally displaced ones,  should be enlightened on the importance of visiting the guidance counsellor whenever  they have academic or vocational problems.

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