Education as a Social Science: Philosophical issues in educational research as a study on human persons

Dr Imo Martin Obot


In spite of many efforts put into education, many social problems still remain unresolved. Some scholars blame this on the inability of educational researches to predict exactly on social problems and offer precise solutions. To be effective, such scholars hold that education should adopt the scientific model of research. This study was aimed at the study of the philosophical issues surrounding enhancing capacity for problem solving in education through adoption of scientific model without reference to its peculiarity as a discipline that deals with human persons. Philosophical analytical approach was adopted for this study. Studies reviewed indicated that scientific study procedure lacks the claimed capacity for precision and prediction. Therefore it was concluded that scientific research model may not be the sole solution to the problem of inefficiency in education process. Educational research should be integral and inclusive to address the many faces of human and environmental problems. It was concluded that researches in education may not always follow the procedures of the sciences and social sciences because of the peculiar nature of education. It was recommended, among others, that educational researchers should avoid forcing quantitative and experimental approaches to research on education when qualitative approach is needed.

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