Promoting Secondary School Education for Global Competitiveness: Implications for Implementing Collaborative Teaching Strategies

Dr Muhammed-Sanni Abubakar, Kingsley Chukwuemeka Okeke, Kingsley Onyemaobi Nwankwo & Dr N. F. Martins- Umeh


Education received by students at secondary schools in Nigeria should enable them to competently compete with their counterparts worldwide. Quite often, experts in education, parents and government are worried on the low knowledge, skill and character displayed by the secondary school leavers these days. These adjudge their credibility in global competition. Every student is a product of teaching and learning activities undergone in school. Against this rationale, this paper concentrates on promoting secondary school education for global competitiveness and espouses its implications for implementing collaborative teaching strategies. Specifically, the paper examined brief history of secondary education in Nigeria, aims of secondary education in Nigeria, collaborative teaching strategy, relevance of collaborative teaching strategies, general guidelines for effective implementation of collaborative teaching strategies and specific collaborative teaching strategies. It was concluded that considering the fact that the teaching and learning quality of a nation determine its product, it is imperative for the secondary school teachers to thoroughly imbibe the collaborative teaching strategies and do less of the traditional teaching approach. It was recommended, among others, that the Government should organize workshop for secondary school teachers and their principal on application of collaborative teaching strategy.

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