Psychological Tests in Counselling

Dr Rosemary Ogbodo-Adoga


Psychological tests are carried out like any other form of test but normally on carefully selected sample of an individual’s behaviour. Essentially, the function of psychological test is to measure differences between individuals or between reactions of the same individual on different occasions. It is important in standardized psychological tests to create room for uniformity in the procedure of their administration and scoring. Psychological tests must be tested for validity and reliability to get the desired result. Psychological test has assumed an important position in the field of counselling, psychology and others. Hence this paper focuses on the meaning of psychological tests; classification of tests; characteristics of psychological tests; the uses of psychological tests in counselling; examples of tests used in counselling. The paper also focuses on non-tests techniques used in counselling, among others. The article recommends, among others, that counsellor should assess the outcome of guidance and counselling using psychological test.

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