Vocational Guidance and Counselling Services and Entrepreneurship Skills Development among First Year Faculty of Education Students in the University of Calabar

Odey A. Mboto, Beshel Felix Unimna & Silver Peniel Lale


The study investigated the Influence of Guidance and Counselling services and entrepreneurship skills development among first year faculty of education students. One research question guided the study. Survey research design was employed in the study. The total respondents for the study were 242 first year Faculty of Education students and 10 lecturers. A structured questionnaire based on a four point scale was used as the data collection instrument. The questionnaire was validated by three experts from Measurement and Evaluation. Cronbach Alpha reliability method was used and a reliability coecient of 0.912 value was obtained as the reliability. The data gathered was analysed using mean and standard derivation to answer the research question. Findings of the study revealed that Guidance and Counselling services motivate first year education students’ interest toward development of entrepreneurial skills. The study recommended among others that vocational guidance and counselling service should be rendered to youths before engagement or inclusion in entrepreneurship education to enable them choose appropriate skills in line with their abilities and interest.

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