Self-Concept, Attitude to Course of Study and Academic Performance among Students in Umar Musa Yar’ Adua University Katsina

Dr Shehu Tsagem Yahaya


The study utilized the correlational survey design; and was guided by four research questions and four hypotheses. It used Akinboye Personal Data Inventory, Attitude to Course of Study Scale and Academic Performance instruments to collect data that was analyzed using Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient and regression analysis. From a population of 12,966 students, 500 respondents were selected through simple random sampling. Results indicated that self-concept and attitude to course of study are important factors for students’ academic performance, as they related significantly with academic performance of students. More so, attitude to course of study was found to be a better predictor of students’ academic performance. Recommendations made include that all those concern with the education of students should be committed so that healthy self-concept and attitudes are developed and geared towards the realization of the desired aims. Likewise, stakeholders should be conscious of the fact that attitude towards course of study is an important factor in the educational aspirations of students and as such should develop it to the fullest.

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