Contemporary Counselling Approaches/Therapies for the Treatment of Behavioural Problems among Adolescents Youths in Nigeria

Dr Safyanu Shuaibu Sara


Mankind in all ramifications is in a dire need of help in almost all aspects of human endeavour. Counselling theories and behavioural change are critical elements in Guidance and counselling education. A lot of researches indicated that most of the problems that take the centre stage of today’s woes are however, as a result of lack of guidance and counselling in both the day to day activities and even in the systems of education. Researchers have opined that most of the problems are available essentially because counselling theories are not incorporated in the process of seeking solutions to the daily problems. This singular reason makes this author to make an attempt of availing some of the major effective theories that can be used in order to curtail many of the problems associated with mankind today. The writer therefore carefully selected ten theories that are popular and also widely used and that are at the disposal of school counsellor as an important tool in resolving the problems. The theories if harnessed very well by counsellors can be a veritable tool in solving educational, vocational and persona-Social dilemmas that can hamper the development of the children.

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