Influence of Parental Motivation on the Academic Performance of Senior Secondary School Students in Rogo Local Government Area of Kano State

Dr Idris Salisu Rogo & Abdulkadir Adamu


The study adopted ex post facto design to investigate the influence of parental involvement on the academic performance of senior secondary school students. The study had two objectives. Proportionate random sampling technique was used to select three hundred and thirty-three (333) students from four senior secondary schools as sample. The population of the study consists of two thousand, seven hundred and twenty seven (2,727) senior secondary school students. The instruments used for data collection are adopted Parental Motivation Questionnaire (PMQ) and third term promotional examination of the senior secondary schools of Rogo LGA. The adopted PMQ instrument possesses good construct validity and a cronbach alpha reliability of 0.80. Data collected for the study was statistically analysed using descriptive statistics and independent sample t-test. The study found that there is low level of parental motivation among senior secondary school students in Rogo LGA and that there is a significant difference in academic performance between senior secondary school students with high parental motivation and those with low parental motivation. Based on the findings, the study recommends, among others, that parents should be motivating their children by providing them with adequate learning materials and getting involved in their children’s academic activities.

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