Psychometric Assessment of Social Support Questionnaire (SSQ) among Senior Secondary School Students in Kano State: Implication for Social and Educational Psychology Researches

Idris Salisu Rogo & Dr Ahmad Muhammad Garba


This paper attempts to provide the psychometric validity and reliability of Social Support Questionnaire (SSQ). The population of the study was 3,905 Male and Female Senior Secondary School II Students (SS2) from the 14 Kano State Education Directorates. The sample size was 214 SS 2 students which were derived through simple random sampling technique. The research design was exploratory research design. The validation of the instrument was done through construct validity with both exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis procedures. The reliability of the instrument was sort through cronbach’s alpha formula. The result from the study indicates that all the four components of the instrument under study are reliable with Cronbach’s alpha value of 0.982, 0.974, 0.965 and 0.869 respectively. The Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) which was used by the researchers to determine the confirmatory factor analysis of the instrument indicates that the items in the SSQ do not firmly fit the model as such there is no homogeneity among the components in terms factor loadings. Based on the above findings, the study recommends that the components in the instrument should be redesigned in such a way that there will be homogeneity among the components in terms of factor loadings.

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