Deployment and Management of Technological Innovations by Distance Education Learners in Cross River State

Glory James Okon & Dr James E. Okon


The extent of the deployment and management of three classes of technological innovations was the primary aim of this study. Four research questions were posed and answered in the study. The Cross-sectional survey research design was adopted for this study. The study targeted a population of 1,963 distance education students; however, a total of 1,017 distance education students were reached using the snowball sampling technique. Data for this study were collected from respondents using a rating scale tagged: “Technological Innovations Scale (TIS).” The scale was designed by the researchers, validated by experts and with acceptable psychometric properties (S-CVI = .79; Cronbach = .87). Findings showed that distance education students deployed Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as well as Mobile Devices and Applications (MD&As) to a low extent; Open Education Resources were deployed to a high extent. There was a general low extent in the management of MOOCs, OERs and MD&As. There was a strong, positive and significant correlation between the deployment and management of technological innovations by distance education students. Based on these findings, conclusions, practical and research implications were discussed.


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