e-Counselling, COVID-19 and Counselling in Ondo state, Nigeria

Joseph Kayode Adeyemi


The paper examined the influence of e-counselling, COVID-19 and counselling in Ondo State, Nigeria during COVID-19. It adopted a descriptive survey design, and used simple random sampling technique to select 100 respondents, who were counsellors in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Ondo state, Nigeria. The samples were from all the eighteen Local Government Areas of Ondo State. Two research questions were raised to guide the study. The instrument for data collection was self-constructed questionnaire titled “COVID-19 and e-counselling among Counsellors in Nigeria” using a four point likert scale. The face and content validity of the instrument was ascertained by the researcher. Test-retest technique was used by the researcher, Pearson product Moment correlation was used to determine the correlation coefficient which was 0.62. The generated data was analysed using frequency count and mean statistics. The result indicated that COVID-19 had influence on counselling in Ondo state, while challenges to adoption of e-counselling were also identified. It was suggested that the counsellors should prepare themselves and get knowledge about e-counselling and any other available online platform that will enhance their duties in time of natural emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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