Effect of 12 Weeks Basic Military Training (BMT) on Muscular Strength of Recruits at Depot Nigerian Army Zaria, Nigeria

Dr J. Akila, Dr T. E. Alu, Dr U. O. Suleiman, Prof E. A. Gunen, Prof J. A. Gwani & Prof C. E. Dikki


This study investigated the effects of 12 weeks Basic Military training on Muscular Strength of recruits at Depot Nigerian Army Zaria, Nigeria. An experimental approach with a 4x2x2 factorial design was used for the study. The participants were selected randomly from the total population (n=400) into two groups from ten companies using Alfa-Juliet (A-J) consisting of (n=20 males & n=20 females) of trade and non-trade of 77 Regular Recruits’ Intake at Depot Nigerian Army, Zaria, Nigeria for 12 weeks of Basic Military training. Data collected were analysed using mean, standard deviation and analysis of variance (ANOVA) at an alpha-level of 0.05. Findings from the study indicated that Basic military training had significant effect on the muscular strength of recruits at Depot Nigerian Army, Zaria (P = 0.001). Male and female recruits differed on the effect of basic military training on their muscular strength (P = 0.001). Recruits with trade and those without trade did not differ on the effects of the basic military training on their muscular strength (P = 0.323). It was concluded that Basic Military Training was an effective method to promote positive short-term adaptations of muscular strength in well-trained army.

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