Effective Implementation of Basic School Curriculum: The Role of Teacher-Motivational Factors

Dr Grace O. Edu & Ademola Sanda


Over time, the public has had an outcry over the state of learners’ performances apportioning blame on various stakeholders, especially the teacher. The teacher has been blamed for ineffectiveness in the implementation of the school curriculum. Looking at the work of the teacher, he/she is seen juggling through series of tedious complex activities in a bid to making the realization of educational goals through the implementation of the curriculum. However, teacher motivation, which is one of the most important factors in the effective implementation of the curriculum, remains somehow without much emphasis in societal and polity discourse. Rather, the teacher is faced with motivation-based challenges that tend to impinge on the effective implementation of the curriculum. Thus, this paper has identified outstanding teacher motivational challenges as well as suggested various ways for motivating teachers if the curriculum must be effectively implemented.

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