Entrepreneurship Education: The Relevance of Chemistry Education in Poverty Eradication and Job Creation in Nigeria

Mary Ideba Anari


Poverty as a serious social and economic disease can be viewed as long-lived and commonplace. It is a common problem that has been around for a long time. Education for poverty eradication and job creation is a stitch in time that saves nine because many social, economic and health problems hinge on poverty; and clearly this issue of poverty eradication and job creation is beyond what the government alone can handle. Chemistry entrepreneurship development is considered as an alternative way of promoting the growth of self-reliance, sense of industry and the much needed poverty-reducing attitude and technology in this 21st century. This paper examines the relevance of chemistry education in the pursuit for poverty eradication and job creation through its entrepreneurial potentials and possibilities. Chemistry Entrepreneurship education has perceived capacity to generate skills, enhance selfemployment and reduce poverty, hence the need for a shift in chemistry which should not only end in academic journal but provide a link between academia and industry, creating commercial value for its many marketable products. This is the focus of this article.

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