Promoting Value Re-Orientation and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development through Science Education in Nigeria

Mary Ideba Anari & Lovina Idoko Inah


Science education is essential as it is of immense value in the student’s individual life and society. In the present era of science, people are in pursuit of scientific knowledge necessitated by the space age and the explosion in knowledge of information technology. Science has taken an important place because it has influential values in intellectual, vocational, aesthetic, practical, psychological, moral, cultural and adjustment arena of an individual. The problem of fraud and fraudulent practices have eaten deep into every fabric of the society to an unimaginable height that it has become frightening and worrisome to every well-meaning Nigerian and educators across the nation. From the perspective of educational system, the Nigerian problem is easily described as the tragic failure of the education system to produce right values and right priorities for Nigerian intellectuals and political leaders alike. This paper examines how science education as a powerful instrument of social change could be effective in value re-orientation and how science teachers can utilize scientific attitude and method of science to inspire value re-orientation for socio-economic development in Nigeria.

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