Students’ and lecturers’ perceptions of the ideal English Language teacher

Dr Alexander Essien Timothy & Dr Vincent Ugah Uguma


Many students at the secondary and even tertiary levels of education in Nigeria still perform lamentably poor in English both in examinations and even in daily usage. This has queried the quality of teachers of English and their teaching. Many teachers of English have the requisite qualifications and, possibly, experience to teach English in public schools, at least. However, students still perform poorly in English. Therefore, there is a need to examine other qualities, which teachers are expected to have from the perspective of teacher educators, and post-secondary school students. Using the survey research design, data were collected through a semi-structured questionnaire. The participants were 33 purposively selected secondary school graduates and 24 College of Education lecturers. The lecturers were participants at a UNICEF-sponsored workshop for teacher trainers in Nigeria. They were from five states in South-Western Nigeria. A thematic analysis and frequency counts showed that the most frequent qualities participants expected of teachers of English Language were professional and pedagogical skills, relational skills, communication skills and ethical behaviour.

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