Linking Positive Psychological Functioning to Adult Learners’ Learning Style in English Language

Idowu Victor Akinsanya, Ogunsola Olubiose Isola & Dr Adeniji Emily Oluyemisi


Every learner has distinct positive psychological traits that often align with specific learning styles for learning to take place with minimal efforts and at an accelerated pace.  Sequel to this, the paper attempts to link positive psychological functioning to adult learners’ styles in English language.  In order to achieve this, the paper discussed positive psychological functioning, adult learners and learning styles under conceptual clarifications.  Types of learning styles are also extensively discussed.  Finally and most importantly, each positive psychological functioning attribute is linked to its appropriate learning styles in English language with relevant instances.  Based on the conclusion of the paper, it was recommended that facilitators are potential psychologists and as such, they should have in-depth understanding of the problems and background of every learner in their domain. This will go a long way to create a balance between the psychological traits inherent in the learners and the learning styles adopted by the learners.

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