Reimagining Art-based Pedagogical Possibilities for COVID-19-Motivated Children School Attendance Problems in Nigeria

Francis Ademola Sanda & Dr G. O. Edu


This article examines art-based pedagogical avenues applicable in mitigating school attendance problems in Nigeria, particularly the students COVID-19 helped in keeping away from school after lockdown ease.  The article recognizes various submissions that Nigeria has the highest school dropout rate and attendance problem in Africa before COVID-19; however, the situation seems to have grown worse because of COVID-19. A recent UNESCO report presents a huge 40 million COVID-19 related out of school cases in Nigeria. Nineteen percent of this figure is traced to the lower and upper basic education sector. This means that many pupils are yet to return to school since school reopened. It also implies that COVID-19 school closure has further deepened pupils’ school adjustment difficulties. Thus, the paper looks at the need for pedagogical approaches that will help in endearing children to embrace school. One of such approaches is the Art-based Learning. Consequently, three art-based learning models are discussed in this paper. They are: Constructive Collaboration between Specialist Art Teachers and Generalist Teachers; Visual Art Integration Approach, and Periodic Training in Artistic Engagement for Generalist Teachers. It is believed that these creativity-driven methods, if adopted, will help curb students’ school attendance problem.

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