Overview of PJCP peer review process

The peer review process of the PJCO involves calling for submission of manuscripts, six months to the timeline for publishing a particular issue. Issue no. 1 is published in March and its call for manuscripts is always out in October; issue no. 2 is published in September and its call for manuscripts is usually advertised in April.


The submitted manuscript is then vetted by the Editorial Board to check for adherence with the scope of the journal and the guidelines for authors. Where a manuscript is certified satisfactory at this level of check, it is then sent to two reviewers/consulting editors who are available and whose specialties are related to the subject matter of the manuscript. Since the reviewers are paid stipends, there are no much challenges in getting the cooperation of the reviewers.


The feedback received from the reviewers are merged and sent to the author(s) for modification where necessary. The Editorial Board also uses the feedback from the reviewers to reconcile the corrected version sent back by the author(s). This implies that the decision of the Editorial Board to reject, accept or publish an article is guided by the recommendations of the reviewers.

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