Assessment of Agricultural Entrepreneurial interest among Undergraduates in Tasued and Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State, Nigeria

Ewebiyi, I.O; Odunuga, A.O; Andopeifa, D.A


Inability of educated individual to achieve in life continues to generate much concern. Several factors have been adduced to be responsible for these trends. Therefore, the study assessed the agricultural entrepreneurial interest among undergraduates in TASUED and Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun state, Nigeria.  Multi-stage sampling procedure was used to select 120 respondents for the study. Data was collected through questionnaires administration. Collected data were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Result shows that majority of the respondents were young with mean age of 22±3, male (64.2%), studying agricultural science (51.7%), influence by mentors for their choice of course (55.8%), had no previous experience in entrepreneurial experience (62.5%), planned to work before getting self-employed (47.5%). Fish farming (93.3%) was the agribusiness areas that most respondents had interest. Inconsistent government policy towards agribusiness (1.98) was the most severe constraints faced by the respondents. Respondents’ constraints (r=-0.843, p=0.000) significantly influenced the respondents’ level of interest in agricultural entrepreneurial activities and no significant difference in the level of agricultural entrepreneurial interest among respondents in TASUED and Olabisi Onabanjo University (F=3.171, p=0.078). The study concluded that agricultural entrepreneurial interest was high. Therefore, entrepreneurship education must be well designed to sustain students’ interest in entrepreneurship education.

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