The Place of Effective Communication in Environmental Planning and Management in Cross River State, Nigeria

Ojong, Aganyi Asu;  Dr. Usang Nkanu Onnoghen; Dr. Ogban, Ogban Nkanu, Solomon Offem Iyam; Dr. Comfort  Nkongho Agbor; Dr. Kate Njong Tawo


Communication is the process of transmitting information and common understanding from one person to another. To avert environmental degradation, the governments of most states in Nigeria have put in place environmental planning and management to ensure sustainable development. But environmental laws cannot solve the problem alone. Effective communication is an important tool in ensuring environmental planning and management.  Communication in environmental planning and management maintains quality working relationships in organisations. This paper discusses the place of effective communication process in environmental planning and management, impact of communication, barriers to communication, and provides guideline for administrators of environmental planners to improve communication effectiveness.

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