Entrepreneurship Education and Economic Growth in Nigeria: The Nexus

Dr Mark Terlumun Ijov


One of the main goals of modern economics is to identify factors that influence economic growth. Entrepreneurship has a huge impact on the economic landscape of a country. Economists and policymakers are aware of this. In reality, entrepreneurship has come to be seen as a catalytic agent for the extension and promotion of productive activities in every aspect of economic life around the world. The purpose of this research is to highlight how entrepreneurship education affects Nigeria’s economic growth. The major goal of this article is to x-ray the important link between entrepreneurship education and economic growth. The article asserts that entrepreneurial education is more closely linked to economic growth than foreign aid. As a result, it is acceptable to argue that entrepreneurship education in emerging nations, such as Nigeria, is critical to unlocking economic growth, creating jobs, and reducing poverty, among other things. It is recommended among others that entrepreneurship skills centres should be established in both rural and urban locations so that entrepreneurs may gain additional skills that will enable them to be more effective and contribute more to economic growth and development.

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