Influence of Privatisation of University Staff Primary Schools on Teachers’ Effectiveness in the South Western Region of Nigeria

Dr Benedicta Omeghie Isunueo


Survey design was adopted to investigate the influence of the privatisation of University staff primary schools on teachers’ effectiveness in the South Western Region of Nigeria. Three research questions and two hypotheses tested at 0.05 alpha level guided the study. The sample consisted of 183 participants comprising of 3 Headteachers, 97 teachers and 83 parents from all university staff primary schools in the South Western region. Four validated instrument (class teacher effectiveness questionnaire (CTEQ), Class Teachers Perception Questionnaire (CTPQ), Staff school institutional questionnaire (SSIQ) and Parents’ perception questionnaire (PPQ)), were  used for data collection and was analysed by item response theory calibration using Rating scale model. The result showed, among others, that on the average, the estimated effectiveness score of the teachers before the privatisation process was higher than during the privatisation process of the university staff schools. Thus, the privatisation and commercialisation of education remains greatest threats to the achievement of quality, inclusive and equitable education for all, it is very important that the federal government and other stakeholders in education should ensure that appropriate planning measures and considerations are put in place before taking such decisions in the future if the need arises.

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