Parents’ and Teachers’ Perceptions of the Role of Citizenship Education in Nation Building: Implications for Counselling in Nigeria

Dr Sunusi Muhammad Kani & Ezeodo Calista Chinwe


The study aimed at investigating teacher’s and parent’s perception of the role of Citizenship Education in nation building: Implications for counselling in Nigeria. Descriptive survey research design was adopted. The sample consisted of 95 teachers and 76 parents, selected through convenient sampling procedure. Twenty three (23) item structured questionnaire, with Cronbach Alpha reliability coefficient of 0.73, was used to collect data. Data was analyzed using mean and t-test. The results revealed that Citizenship Education plays significant roles in nation building through fostering commitment to the fundamental values and principles that bind Nigerians together; promoting informed discussion on public issues among citizens; among others. The t-test analysis showed a significant difference between teachers and parents perceptions of the role of Citizenship Education in nation building. Recommendations made suggested a balanced public awareness to further communicate the roles of Citizenship Education to the project of nation building.

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