The Role of a Teacher in the Moral Atmosphere of Primary Schools in Nigeria

Dr Uduak Edet Uwe & Glory Ukongwen Ikonshul


The school is a social institution and a complex organization that comprises of different persons with diverse background, culture and values, needs and interest, to be transformed into viable and productive citizens with a high moral standard through the teaching and learning processes. Therefore, teachers as role models, instructors, counsellors, advisers, authorities and guidance are expected to inculcate morals into the lives of these children particularly at the primary school level, being the foundation level of education where formation of characters and building of desirable and acceptable morals are emphasized. This paper focuses on the current state of moral decadence in the primary school system, the moral atmosphere of the school, and the contributions of school to the moral development of the pupils. The paper also highlights the crucial roles of a teacher in the moral atmosphere of the primary school system in Nigeria. It concluded by offering suggestions to the relevant stakeholders on the way forward.

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