Relationships and Conflict Management in Organisations in Nigeria

Udeme Akaninyene Umo


Broadly speaking, a sound organisation is one in which relationships between individuals and groups are more harmonious, highly cooperative than conflictional, and effectively productive in the attainment of organisational goals. No one has ever gained anything out of conflicts. Conflict must be avoided as it leads to negativity and spoils the ambience of the workplace. Acceptably, conflicts play an important role in spoiling relationship among employees at the workplace and must be controlled at the initial stages to expect the best out of individuals. This paper commenced with an introduction of the whole essence of relationships and conflict management as two crucial factors that an organisation depends on for survival. It went ahead to present some common causes of conflicts, signs of conflicts between (among) individuals and groups in an organisation. How to manage conflicts in interpersonal relationship in an organisation was also looked into. Attempt was made to highlight the types of conflicts in an organisation and approaches to conflict management and resolution. How do we improve employees’ relationship in an organisation was also vividly discussed. Finally, some recommendations were made. This is with a view that, when they are religiously implemented, organisations and institutions in Nigeria would be better off.

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