Assessment of Behaviour Policies in Higher Education: A Panacea for Sustainable Development during Post COVID-19 Era

Dr Abigail Edem Okon & Andiambay Ebenezer Obasse


This study adopted survey design to assess behaviour policies in higher education during Post COVID-19 Era. The population of the study comprised all 580 lecturers and 1,040 final year undergraduate students in the Faculty of Education in 2020/2021 school session, while a sample size of 520 was used. The instrument use for data collection was a questionnaire tagged “Awareness, Attitude, Adherence, Lapses, Sustainability Questionnaire” (AALSQ) which was designed by the researchers. Four research questions were formulated and data were analyzed using frequency counts, mean and percentage. Results of data analysis revealed that students and staff have high level of awareness of COVID-19 pandemic. They also have a relaxed disposition towards the spread of the pandemic and its preventive measures.  Though stakeholders’ attitude to the pandemic was negative, their level of adherence to its preventive guidelines was also among the high prevalent lapses. It was recommended among others that there should be strict implementation of rules and regulations by the school authorities which will enhance sustainable development.

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