Challenges facing Mathematics Education after the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown

Dr Umaru Salihu Momozoku, Abdulmalik Onubedo Audu, Dr Olorunsola Oriola Niyi & S. O. Alagbe


Education is the key to sustainable development, growth and productivity the world over, which is acquired by learners through schooling. In recent years, 2020 specifically, schools were closed down partially or totally in some countries of the world including Nigeria due to outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world populace. This paper discusses the challenges facing Mathematics education after the lockdown of education system in Nigerian tertiary institutions. The paper focuses on the use of ICT in teaching and learning, teachers, pedagogy, curriculum, classroom, semester and funding. It recommended that the government should consider an upward review of the education budget to meet up with the 26% allocation recommended by UNESCO instead of less than 10% approved in 2021; government and other stakeholders in education should urgently invest and improve the structural facilities so that short-term setbacks do not grow into larger, long-lasting problems; and that government should improve teachers’ digital competences across all ages through workshops, seminars and continuous professional development.

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