Examination Malpractice in Nigerian Educational System: Origin, Types, Causes, Effects and Implication for Counselling

Dr Grace Onyowo Ugboha & Gunggung Munidang Diana


Examination malpractice has been found in Nigerian educational system during examinations for a very long time and on a continuous process. It has been discovered that the forms and indulgence in examination malpractice has become more sophisticated, to the extent that the students feel nothing can be done to curb this trend of event. This paper therefore takes a look at the concept of examination malpractice. The origin of examination malpractice in the Nigerian educational system was also considered. The paper went further to examine the patterns adopted by those involved in examination malpractice, such as impersonation, copying, smuggling of foreign materials and the likes. It also looked at the causes of examination malpractice, such as acquiring good grades, undue emphasis on paper qualification to mention but a few. Its numerous effects on both the students and the Nigerian educational system are also articulated. Finally, the paper makes some recommendations, and also suggested some counselling techniques to be adopted in curbing this menace.

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