Improving on Supervision as an Innovation in the Teaching and Learning of Vocational Education: A Road Map for Better Working Conditions

Felix Angiuoshuye Akomaye, Andeshi Liwhuliwhe Agwu & Emmanuel Agim Adigeb


This paper examined the influence of supervision on teaching and learning working conditions as relating to the quality of Vocational Education. The aim of this paper is to analyze on supervision as an innovation in the teaching and learning of vocational education as a road map for better working conditions. It is to reveal the area that needs improvement in supervision of vocational education. It analyzes supervision as far as Vocational Education is concerned. It also delved into teaching in vocational education to examine the progress so far, and to examine the contributions and expectation of vocational education supervision, specifying on conditions and quality of supervision in vocational education. A conclusion was drawn that favourable working and learning conditions lead to increased job and learning practices while unfavourable conditions affect negatively. An educational implication of the article indicated that if quality supervision is not effectively carried out in the teaching and learning of vocational education due to poor working conditions, a lot of negative outcomes are bound to occur in this area. It was suggested, among others, that educational policy planners should provide adequate funds and conducive teaching and learning environment for programmes implementation.

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