Laissez-Faire  Parenting Style, Self-Determination and Academic Adjustment among Public Secondary School Students in Abuja Metropolis, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

Imam Umar Adam & Grace Tokunbo


This study examined the relationship among laissez-faire parenting style, self-determination and academic adjustment of secondary school students in Abuja metropolis. Two (2) objectives and two (2) hypotheses guided the study. The population of this study is made up of all 6,672 senior secondary II students of public senior secondary schools in Abuja metropolis. The sample for this study is 361 students. Proportionate sampling technique was used in the selection of sample from the ten (10) sampled schools. Two main instruments were used for data collection. They are parenting styles and academic adjustment scales. Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) was used to test the study hypotheses. Results indicated that a negative relationship exists between Laissez-Faire parenting styles and academic adjustment whereas positive relationship existed between self-determination and academic adjustment. It was recommended that teachers, counsellors and parents should create an enabling physical and social atmosphere for students to adapt to the school norms for the attainment of the desired objectives.

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