Rethinking the Equality of Educational Opportunities: A Philosophical Dialogue

Dr Samuel Alfayo Boh


It is fair to say that everybody should be afforded equal education opportunities. Consideration has to be made for the situation in which the concept of equality of education has been advocated. There is no country in which there is so much abundance of resources that every citizen can take for himself as much as he wants without threatening the ration of others. Since resources are limited and people’s demands are unlimited, there will always be the issue of fair way of distributing the resources. The term equality does not mean the same thing to everybody; and it is not applicable in human affairs. There is no way in which two people can be exactly equal. Legal equality in which everybody is considered to be equal before the law does not apply in the idea of fair and humane treatment. Legally every child has the right to attend any government school, but where a school has stipulated number to admit, then examination results is considered. In other words, admission must be done on merit. Equality of educational opportunities presupposes the awareness of the importance of education and the need for members of society to have access to equal educational opportunities.

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