Retirement Benefits in Civil Service: Concept, General Rules and other Related Issues

Dr Zulaihat Lawal Bagiwa, Umar Nura Saulawa & Aminu Abdulfatah Abdullatif


This paper aimed to explore the general rules regarding retirement benefits and other related issues in the educational management context with a view to identifying challenges facing educational managers regarding their retirement benefits. Having relied on different literature reviews regarding retirement benefits and other related issues, it was found that lack of understanding, health restrictions, insufficient financial resources and administrative lapses, among others, were the challenges inherent in retirement. The paper also identified certain solutions to these problems, including adequate provision of special healthcare delivery services for educational managers who might have some health complications, provision of adequate financial resources for the settlement of retired educational managers and regular training and retraining of pension scheme personnel in order to avoid unnecessary stigmatization of educational managers after long service, especially in the public service. This paper further discussed the general application, rules for processing retirement benefits, with notification and documentation which fell under three major categories, namely mandatory, compulsory and health ground.

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