Sustaining Teacher’s Productivity through Capacity Building of Public Secondary School Teachers in Oyo Metropolis

Adefalu Rekiat Omolola& Sodipe-Lawal Fatimah Olasubomi


The study investigated productivity of public secondary school teachers in Oyo metropolis through capacity building programmes. The design of the study was descriptive survey. The population comprises all secondary school teachers in Oyo metropolis; 100 teachers were randomly selected from the secondary schools sampled for the study and data were collected through structured questionnaire. The work was guided by two research hypotheses. Analysis of data was done using Pearson Product Moment Correlation statistics. The findings of the study revealed that capacity building plays important role in the development, effectiveness and productivity of public secondary school teachers in Oyo metropolis. In consideration of these findings, it was recommended that government and school management should regularly provide capacity building programmes to the teachers in order to enhance their productivity.

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